"How To Quickly & Easily Master The Guitar."

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Here's What You'll Discover:

  • How to play all scales in all positions, in all keys

  • How to play chords (major, minor, barre, open-position) & create progressions

  • How to create your own solos from scratch

  • How to play nearly any song you hear using "Five Critical Guitar Techniques" in the course

Here's What's Included:

Amazing Guitar Secrets, Gold Edition (actual photo). Note: All course-books are included
in the 401-pg spiral "Amazing Guitar Secrets" book (center).

Course Details:

  • 2 DVDs (Approx. 4 hrs):
    How to string & tune your guitar
    How to read & play tablature
    Chords: maj, min, open-position, barre, 7ths (dominant, maj, min), extended (9ths, 11th, 13ths)
    Scales: maj, min (natural, harmonic, melodic), 7 modes, pentatonic (maj, min, blues). Note: scales taught in all positions and all keys over entire fretboard.
    Finger strength exercises to increase speed, stamina and ability to fret difficult chords
    How to identify notes on the fretboard
    Sharps, flats, naturals: what they are and how they work
    Intervals, accidentals (sharps & flats) scale degrees,
    Solo skills: bends, vibrato, hammer-ons/pull-offs, tapping, sliding, tremolo/speed picking, trills
    Composition techniques (how to write your own music)

  • 1 CD-ROM:
    41 video tutorials (Approx. 3.5 hrs)
    How to read chord charts & diagrams
    Intro to music notation
    Soloing with pentatonic scales

  • 401 pg. Amazing Guitar Secrets book:
    All tab & notation for DVDs
    Guitar Theory Made Easy
    Mastering The Major Scale
    Minor Scale Mania
    How To Solo With The Major, Minor And Blues Pentatonic Scales
    30, Simple And Ready-To-Play Chord Progressions
    Quick And Easy Way To Play Rhythmic Patterns
    Progress Tracker

  • Bonuses ($160 total value):
    20 strength & agility exercises ($29 value).
    40 jam tracks ($25 Value) mp3 download.
    Progress Tracker ($35 Value). Chart your daily progress & shows you what to do next
    Subscription To "VIP" Owners Club ($59 Value). Ongoing series of articles (email) and video-tutorials to keep you motivated.
    Quick-start guide ($12). Exactly how to use the material in your course.

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Actual Case Studies Of Amazing Guitar Secrets Owners:

Amazing Success Story #1: John Giammarco

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"I learned more in one month
than I did taking private lessons
the last two years!"

"The Progress Tracker is excellent. It truly helps you see where you are, where you're going and how to accomplish your goals. The DVD's expound on the material in the individual books and it's just a great course. I highly recommend it.


And it's well worth the money. It's so much more cost effective than taking private lessons. I'm enjoying the course and  I'm looking forward to my continued progress.


John Giammarco


Amazing Success Story #2: Mark Johnson

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"Improved my playing tremendously fast!"


"My son is now playing the 12-bar blues and rock licks that I can't even do! This course will improve your playing capabilities... and it's fast and simple.


I grew up in that age where we didn't really think about theory, we just played... But now I actually understand it. Thanks, Dan!


Mark Johnson

Anaheim, California

Amazing Success Story  #3: Larry Keip

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"Exceeded everything I hoped for!"


"Dan, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your course. Really, it's exceeded what I was hoping for when I purchased it.


I would recommend this to anyone, whether they have had structured training in the past, or not. You give such detailed explanations, I'm sure that just about anyone can get something from your course.


Larry Keip



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100% Satisfaction, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take up to two months (60 days) to check out the course. If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for a prompt, friendly refund. (Shipping not refundable).


Here's How To Order:

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Amazing Guitar Secrets™ (full version). You get everything shipped directly to your door: 2 DVDs, 1 CD-ROM with all the audio tracks and video tutorials, the Quick Start Guide and the 400-pages of professionally printed, course-books.

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Dan Denley, Instructor

Thank you for considering my Amazing Guitar Secrets course. Remember, with my 90-day satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to loose is the fear that is holding you back from becoming the guitarist you've always dreamed of.

Let's get started today!


Dan Denley

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