How To Dramatically Improve Your Guitar Playing
In Only 10 Minutes A Day

By Dan Denley

Dear Friend,

If you follow this simple plan, you'll immediately and dramatically
improve your playing, guaranteed. But first, let me give you a real-
life example...

How long do you think that Brett Favre (Super Bowl winning QB of the
Green Bay Packers) would have lasted if he said something like...

"I really don't want to work out. I don't like it. It's mundane.
Tedious. Boring. I just want to go out and play."

What if during the off season he sat around and did nothing?

No running. No weight lifting. No swimming. No biking. No

Well, you and I both know the answer to that hypothetical situation.

If Favre had refused to condition his body, not only would he not have
made it to the NFL, he wouldn't have made it on the Southern
Mississippi football team, or his local high school team, for that

It's a fact.

If you're an athlete, you MUST train your muscles for competition.

But there's more to it than that.

There's the physiological phenomenon of your body being able to do
what your brain tells it to.

Here's what I mean...

Brett Favre could tell his arm that he wanted to throw a pass 50 yards
all day long. But, unless his arm was physically capable of responding
to that "brain command" he still wouldn't be able to do it.

It's the same way with guitar.

You have to "train" your hand and arm muscles to do what you tell them

You have to condition them.

You have to think of your body like an athlete does his or hers.

How do you do this?

By doing a little "conditioning" every day.

You should start, NOW.

Don't put this off.


* These are tablature.
* Each dashed lined is a string.
* The numbers are frets. (Not finger numbers).

Guitar exercise #1:

|---------------------1234-2345---------------------| <-- E string
|-----------------1234---------2345-----------------| <-- B string
|-------------1234-----------------2345-------------| <-- G string
|---------1234-------------------------2345---------| <-- D string
|-----1234---------------------------------2345-----| <-- A string
|-1234-----------------------------------------2345-| <-- E string

Guitar exercise #2:


Guitar exercise #3:


Guitar exercise #4:


You will want to take these all the way up to about the 12th fret.
Then reverse them and come all the way back down. Also, you can
practice these same exercises picking both up and down, then all down,
then all up.

And if you really want to get serious grab your metronome and use it
while your practicing. Is this fun? Well... for geeks like me, it kind
of is.

But, that's not the point.

Do you think that when Favre was running 3 miles a day, he was
grinning the whole way saying, "Gee, this is great!" No. He was
thinking about winning the Super Bowl, which WOULD be fun.

Even if you play guitar "just for fun" these exercises are still for


Because once you train your fingers to do what you tell them to by
conditioning them, playing guitar will be MORE fun because you'll be
in greater control.

I promise you this: if you take seriously these few exercises and
practice them every day for 10 minutes BEFORE you start to play, you
will see a significant improvement in your playing in as little as 14

One last thing...

Don't go "nuts" with this right off the bat. Build up speed and
duration, gradually. And if you feel any PAIN whatsoever, stop
immediately. These should be effortless and smooth.

Hope this helps. Keep in touch...


Dan Denley

About the author: Dan Denley began playing guitar in 1989. Mr. Denley is a self-taught guitarist and classically trained musician.  After graduating with honors from the Scheidt School of Music (University of Memphis) with a bachelors degree in Music History, he created the "Amazing Guitar Secrets" course for learning guitar, which is considered by many to be complete and authoritative. You can learn how to improve your guitar playing and get a free, 6-part guitar lesson "mini-course" by visit